Examples of children news items produced by members from the YNE (Youth News Exchange) Community.
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Best of YNE 2016

Dear Luca,

in this Video-Gallery, you will find :

- news items produced in the course of 2016 and broadcast by one of the Children news magazines part of the YNE Community

- extracts or promos of longer news magazines (when the channel chose to produce a longer magazine on a special occasion like terror attacks, Refugee Camps, Celebrating the 35 anniversary of the Magazine, etc.)

- extracts of events linked to children news (for ex. in the Netherlands, they organized a masterclass + a contest to chose the children who would become the Anchor/Presenter of the children news magazine)

- News on SnapChat

 If you have any question: contact me!
Anne (kornmann@ebu.ch)

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Last update: 18/07/2017