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FTV - Okoo Global Identity

Okoo is the new offer for children from France Télévisions.

France Televisions chose Gédéon to create this new global identity.

The main challenge was to make a distinction between the world of preschoolers and that of Kids while keeping a consistent DNA.

Gédéon decided to use the shape of the letter « O » of the logo Okoo to create a visual language with a strong sign to use in pictures-stickers, in the layout of images … Our concept is based on a system of stickers which reflects the modern, digital world of tags, emojis and filters and they respond to a desire for personalization and belonging.

To tackle this challenge, Gédéon created a pop up in the app where the child can select their age. As the cursor moves up the dial, the youngest children are accompanied by colourful animals which play the role of a mascot, guiding them through OKOO. These animals are also found throughout the TV design.

Meanwhile, the older kids are presented with variations of eye expressions in the form of emojis, like those commonly seen on social media. These emojis add a humorous touch, creating a more emotional link between the viewer and the brand.

The promos for kids open with picture-stickers of heroes to evoke the digital brand (via animation that you swipe) but also to show the many diverse range of programs on offer from Okoo. The program stickers are signed with a loader animation that looks like stories on Instagram.

The pack shot is simple and showcases the program’s image when this is preferred to a cropped out pack shot.

In the promos for the younger children, we use the Okoo logo which becomes an animal that guides the child like a narrator or a link between them and the heroes of their programs.

It appears and disappears during the transitions in different ways. In the pack-shot, it helps to create a strong link between the brand of the program and the brand Okoo.

For the Kids’ idents, Gédéon proposed capitalising on the picto-stickers by showcasing them on real images to take on aspects of the everyday in a creative, original, entertaining and fun way.

The preschoolers’ idents showcase the logo by transforming it into an animal that invites the child to follow it.

These magical and surprising animals become in turns, a bird, a whale, a snake or a Christmas tree that stimulates a child’s imagination.

This concept offers many possible scenarios that can be perfectly adapted to different calendar events.

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Last update: 17/03/2020

Last update: 17/03/2020

3sat - Redesign

The 3sat broadcaster is a joint program of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The logo is the center of the new design: The 3 is made up of 3 parts that playfully break up into the on-air elements and then reassemble into a unit over and over again.

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Last update: 09/03/2020

ARD - The whole year with Das Erste

The objective was to promote the brand and enhance the memory value of the logo.

Every ident and bumper has its own style of illustration and animation, suitable to the current season, emerging out of Das Erste Logo.

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Last update: 06/03/2020

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