This is a design category. Any combination of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 elements used to brand or rebrand a TV channel, season or media platform. Submit as aired or streamed. In this category, all elements, i.e. idents, promo design, all possible elements from a branding perspective, MUST be uploaded back to back as one clip with one second black between each element. Maximum total duration of entry: 90 seconds.
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ARD - Christmas on Das Erste 2020 - Wonderland

The aim was to produce atmospheric Christmas idents despite, or perhaps because of, Corona. The idents should attract attention and inspire in the course of the program, everyone should be addressed, whether young or old. 

A Christmas interpretation of a scene with an extraordinary look. The Christmas idents take us into a magicial world. A fantasy place with houses, trees, lights, details and charming littel stories, made of paper, actually built and filmed. 

Originally, the fantasy location was supposed to be recreated from papier and filmed in the studio. Due to the difficult condistions in times of Corona, the shoot had to be canceled and the idents were produced in 3D. 

In order to retain the haptic look and the charm of a stop trick, we made sure that the cut edges of surfaces do not run straight, the animations of people are animated in the stop trick and that houses, animals and landscape appear as handmade and analogue as possible. 

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Last update: 03/03/2021


This Christmas, for the first time in 10 years, we did not criticise the consumer society and suggest degrowth. This year, just joy and beauty from the incredible work of Charlotte Gastaut...

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Last update: 23/02/2021


Canvas launched a new corporate identity, which offers more digital opportunities, radiates self-confidence and better reflects our new baseline: Sooner or later you watch Canvas. This assertiveness is central to the branding which is cool, bold and into your face. We also produced new TV idents that underline this idea.

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Last update: 23/02/2021


Santa behind a plexiglass shield or a bag full of toilet paper, this Christmas is different.
Zdfneo always adapt their Seasonal Idents to the current situation. Christmas is no exception, even in this special year. That’s why zdfneo created some unusual designs for the most beautiful time of the year. In a humorous way they wanted to relate to this pandemic. They thematized the most popular problems which came up during 2020 and no one could have imagined before, with the intent of making the audience smile.

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Last update: 22/02/2021

ZDFneo Corona

We rebranded our youth brand dedicated for different uses (tivi5 channel, youth slots on TV5MONDE channels, french learning classes). We wanted it as a simple, fresh, natural, tonic brand that can connect easily to all the children of the world, through a gallery of funny animals...

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Last update: 19/02/2021

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