Any promo with an idea based on sound effects or music design to promote/brand a programme, season or service. Maximum duration of entry: 60 seconds.
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BBC - Escape with BBC Two: Summer 2020

By colliding uncomfortable edit rhythms, unexpected cuts, irregular flash frames & disruptive shots hanging a beat too long, our teaser felt invisibly ‘wrong’. One of the highest rated BBC trailers ever it generated double the usual trailer requests.

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Last update: 02/03/2021


Promotion campaign for Jam, RTBF’s new alternative digital radio.

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Last update: 01/03/2021

Alternative RTBF Digital JAM 2020 sound design

In Watch me by The Phantoms we found the ideal song to promote Canvas as a top-notch brand for high-quality drama series of outstanding value.

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Last update: 23/02/2021

ZDF - "Shapes of America" – US Election

The Trailer “US Election on ZDF” was based on a fascinating interplay of historical and recent happenings in american society. Gripping reports take the viewer on a journey through democracy. The effect is enhanced by the audio level and the song “Amazing Grace” as well as historical and current quotes.


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Last update: 12/02/2021

USA US Election Amazing Grace US-Wahl 2020

There's a dark and dreamy feeling in U2:s song “All I Want Is You” which suited well for this promo. Not only because of U2:s obvious connection to Dublin, but also because of lyrics like “You say you want your story to remain untold”. And Bonos screaming crescendo can be quite horrifying in the right context.

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Last update: 11/02/2021