Children Showcase
A showcase of the different co-productions for kids and pre-schoolers.

All these films are examples of EBU Members broadcasters productions. These have been produced to be part of the Kids and pre-school series which the EBU supervises for and on behlaf of its members.

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Children's Drama Series
The Children’s Drama Exchange shares high-quality, original dramas for an audience aged 6 to 9. The stories feature 8 to 9-year-old children from all social backgrounds who play an active role in their own and others’ lives. With a minimum of dialogue, the story is told through strong emotions that the young audience can empathize with, and a chain of actions and reactions.
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Children's Documentary Series
The Children's Documentary Exchange shares high-quality, original, true-life documentaries for an audience aged 10 to 12. The main characters of these 15' documentary films show us the unfolding drama of their lives by telling the story from a child's perspective and in their own words. These are stories of universal appeal through which the viewer will also catch a glimpse of the diverse national cultures of Europe. The films are produced on a common theme "I Can Do It": Children showing courage.
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Preschool Documentary Series
This series shows us the world of pre-school aged children and their points of view in an emotional way. Our protagonists - children within the age range of the target group - invite us to share the joy of their everyday lives. Core elements are their enthusiasm and their passion for the things they deem important, everyday life challenges, hobbies or little adventures. The children present what makes them happy and what they are proud of. The aim of the series is to encourage and inspire children. As public service media organizations, we provide young audiences with guidance and support, helping them to develop their talents and abilities independently, leading to a positive and stable self-esteem. Confident children have a feeling of self-worth without being reckless.
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