CAT N°6 - Any promo with an idea based on sound effects or music design to promote/brand a programme, season or service.
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Last update: 21/03/2020


The election in Norway 2019 was all about toll and cars and the most used word was ehh.

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Last update: 17/03/2020

NRK Norway election
BBC - Killing Eve Season 2

The first series of Killing Eve was a smash hit for the BBC. Overnight, millions binged on a story that centres on two characters who can’t leave one another alone: psychopathic assassin Villanelle, and Eve Polastri—the MI6 agent who hunts her across Europe.

The debut series left off on a cliffhanger, so our brief required us to show that Villanelle and Eve were back and more obsessed than ever, challenging us to inject their crazy relationship into our advertising in an innovative way.

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Last update: 13/03/2020


The goal was to hit young viewers with an unexpected language and music based line-up promo for the new season for TVE Our new releases somehow support in different ways the majority of the messages and ideas we wanted to throw away to our young audience, women empowerment, disabled integration, fair play, tolerance and change. We opted to bring on board a young 21 year old Trap singer and compose the lyrics and song with her so she could give us also a young perspective and input. The final claim is also a statement: “This is the moment”.

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Last update: 29/01/2020