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NRK - Waking up with P3 Morning on radio NRK P3

Multi-channel campaign for P3 Morning  

P3 Morning on NRK P3 is Norway’s most popular radio talk show for young people. The program promises light conversations and uplifting music to make waking up easier.   

Our brief  

Our brief was to develop a concept that conveyed the brand message and engage the target audience fast and clear on all NRK’s available channels (not paid media).  

We build our whole concept on a clear insight; being a morning show that airs at 06.00, P3 Morning is the radio show closest in time to the listeners’ dreams.   

Our idea:  


– Wake up with P3 Morning and Adelina and Martin.  

The concept is based on removing the short time between the listeners’ "dreamland" and our radio show. By doing this, we allowed ourselves to dig into the listeners’ dreams, in every meaning, dreams at night and dreams in life. And, in a fun way, encourage the target audience to tune in – and wake up with P3 Morning.    

The Dream concept was rewarding, not only creatively. By blending the audiences’ dreams and the radio show, we got the opportunity to present P3 Mornings popular hosts in a new and quirky way. And in a style that suites the shows personality and promise perfectly. We also emphasized the close and strong bond between the hosts and their listeners – the radio show is based on constant interaction with the audience. And last but not least, we showcased how the NRK Radio app can be used as a clock radio, a pretty neat feature.   


Our campaign was launched with a 30s TVC, showing a young girl's dream about dancing. The dancer’s dream was followed by another TVC of a young male skateboarder who dreams of going pro.   

The TVC’s were followed by a full week on the morning show with a "dream theme”, inviting a wide variety of dream specialists, like psychologists, celebrities, and dream readers, to talk about dreams on air.  

We also went to relevant social media to engage the target audience: Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Here, the show had a running dialogue with the listeners, encouraging them to share their most exciting dream on a campaign web site. The incentive was to get their dream made into a TVC. Also, everyone who participated won a pair of pillowcases with the show hosts’ faces on them to literally wake up with Martin and Adelina (these became quite popular).  

The Winner 

Among 1500+ contributions, Helene, a woman in her twenties, melted everyone's heart with a funny and sentimental dream of being a country singer who gets interrupted by the drummer who proposes to her in the middle of her concert. She won both the competition and, of course, a dream day at NRK.  

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Last update: 24/03/2021

NRK Norway Radio morning show youth culture
RTS - Coeur à Coeur

Selection of TV broadcasted promos. Different versions were adapted for social media platforms. Different show hosts were selected according to the different target audiences. The show managed to collect over 2mio CHF that will be dispatched to a certain number of associations.

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Last update: 02/03/2021

Charity campaign RTS radiotelevisionsuisse
CZECH TV - Rats (Zrádci)

The carefully crafted promo campaign of a new TV series called Rats disrupted our TV screens and introduced a thrilling story of drugs, teenage crimes, twisted morals and immoral heroes.  We focused of the family story of our protagonist as well as introducing some trivia from the underbelly of drug market of the Czech republic. Our efforts quickly brought results, as the Rats became hugely successful and became a striking hit especially amongst younger audiences.

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Last update: 24/02/2021


TV, social media and print campaign for the drama series Chernobyl. We chose to mix archive footage of the nuclear disaster with corresponding images of the series. In both content and copy we looked for links between the Chernobyl disaster and the impact of the series on the viewer.

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Last update: 24/02/2021


Caliphate, a thriller series about the terror group of Islamic state and how three teenagers in Sweden slowly radicalised and eventually travelled to Raqqa to join the terror group. For this campaign we did both trailers and outdoor commercials. The theme for the key-art pictures and ads was to show a teenagers transition from a Swedish schoolgirl to the Islamic state warrior. The campaign was one of the most talked about during 2020 and the series became the most-viewed series ever on SVT Play.

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Last update: 23/02/2021