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‘There is a BBC for Each of Us’ is a celebratory film that originally premiered on BBC One on New Year’s Eve. The film set out to be a joyful celebration of the diversity, talent, creativity, breadth and value of the BBC and showcases our ability to affect culture and unite a nation. Creatively we used the BBC acronym as a fun and clever mechanism to talk about a wide range of our content, reaching every touch point of the BBC. Our title designs for the ‘BBC’s’ were heavily inspired by film title references both modern and old school. Titles like ‘Blimmin Bent Coppers’ played homage to movies like ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Bad Boys for Life’ while other titles like ‘Bad Boy Charm’ referenced ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Brutal Battling Competitors’ referencing ‘Suicide Squad’. Ultimately we wanted to create an entertaining film that evoked a sense of warmth and love for the BBC and remind people of the value in what we do as a broadcaster.

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Last update: 18/03/2021

RTÉ - Dancing With The Stars

 For series 4 of this popular entertainment show we wanted to highlight the burst of colour and fun the series brings in the midst of dark Winter months after Christmas.  Our theme was a Latin Flashmob, and the visual motif was neon.  While none of our celebrities had started their dance training, we managed to make it look like they were dancing with the wonderful professionals. The water shots were there to symbolise brightness in the middle of our wet Irish winter!  The campaign delivered 37% share and an increase in 15-34 year olds over previous years.

Senior Creative: Gaye Maguire

Art Direction/Graphic Design: Nigel McGuinness

DOP: Ronan Fox

Director: Bugsy Riverbank Steele

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Last update: 02/03/2021

S4C - S4C Iaith ar Daith

Pre promote a flagship new entertainment show where celebrities learn Welsh as they travel around the country by car completing various challenges along the way. Feature the celebrities and give an essense of the show to a family audience of Welsh speakers and Welsh learners alike. 

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Last update: 02/03/2021

NRK - Melody Grand Prix

This promo is one among others in the kick start campaign for MGP-2021. Using the three well known MGP-presenters to invite the audience to a serie of five qualifying program and the final. Two of the presenters got dancers as body doubles. Part of the fun is that all know that presenters would never be able to do the dancing stunts themselves. The presenters heads is filmed on green screen, placed and tracked on top of the dancers shoulders to create a funny effect.

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Last update: 26/02/2021

NRK Melody Grand prix Melodi Grand Prix

The 77th Venice Film Festival spot is centred on a Gondolier facing a storm. The man manages to conquer the waves and his own fears. The text draws inspiration from Ernest Hemingway's “The Old Man and the Sea” with the Voice Over of the actor Giancarlo Giannini.

With this spot we all are celebrating the power of life and throwing light on the importance that even though we are living in this critical dangerous time we don't lose the hope to survive and we will always fight to bring light on life.

This was the Opening of the Festival and for the movie series (movies that won Venice Festival in the past years) on air on RAI during this time.

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Last update: 23/02/2021