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BBC - The Green Planet

To launch Sir David Attenborough’s new landmark series The Green Planet, BBC Creative has transformed Green Park tube station into a vivid and otherworldly experience for commuters that welcomes them into the incredible world of plants.

BBC Creative has rebranded part of the station ‘Green Planet’ creating an immersive experience for passengers that showcases a wide spectrum of amazing plant life.

The campaign, titled ‘Welcome to Their World’, sees every poster space across the southbound Victoria line platform transformed into dramatic imagery of plants which star in the series, from carnivorous underwater life forms to humanoid desert cacti, alongside two digital screens that show the trailer from the five part series.

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Last update: 24/05/2022


FC United is a documentary series about racism, discrimination and the lack of diversity in all areas of Belgian football. This is a social issue that cannot be overemphasized. 

The purpose of this campaign was to reach as many people as possible and raise awareness: racism still exists all around us. To ensure an impact we had football players of colour cite the racist remarks and slurs they have to endure on and off the pitch. They are rude and harsh, and people might find them too offensive, but the purpose they serve is to make you stop and think.

The campaign included TV and radio promos, Facebook and Instagram videos, reels, stories and posts, as well as a paid campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The paid campaign reached 425K people and had over 1.8M video starts.

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Last update: 20/05/2022

RTÉ - Great Local Drama

Drama serves as an important function in connecting audiences, through a shared emotional experience.  The intention of this campaign was to build RTÉ’s association with high quality local drama.

The brand objective​ was to leverage Irish drama to strengthen our image for high quality entertainment.  The communication objective​ was to get our valuable family segments to consider RTÉ, more often, as a destination for high quality drama, (especially versus Netflix who is this audiences first ‘go to’).  The paid objective was​ to build RTÉ’s association with high quality, entertaining drama amongst families and to drive consideration of our marquee dramas airing in the Autumn amongst families. 

For the launch spots an actor plays a different role in each spot. He explains why local drama is different, while involving himself in dramatic characters and scenarios that are more familiar, therefore more dramatic. The actor will talk to the collective moment in each execution with his final line to camera, where he now says in both scripts: “...and that’s all anybody will be able to talk about.” which leads nicely into the VO line “A new season of local drama only on RTÉ".

Tracked by the Audience Reaction Panel below are some of the results achieved - ​

'Irish drama is for someone like me' scores increased from Kin to Smother, rising from 39% to 62%. ​Increased score for ‘has good quality drama’ from survey 1 to survey 3, rising from 39% in to 58% by survey 3 (+19%). ​

RTÉ are seen as second to Netflix for producing great quality drama, against all other major broadcasters including Amazon, Virgin, YouTube, BBC & Channel 4. 

Kin was most successful drama since Rebellion in 2016 (626 & 38.3%), outperforming previous dramas such as Love/Hate, Smother and Striking Out S1/2 across TV and Player.

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Last update: 16/05/2022

2022 Olympics on ZDF

In our campaign for the Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Games in China, we focused entirely on the athletes, the people involved and the Olympic spirit: the pursuit of elite performance, respectful competition, strong friendships, international understanding and fair play. All athletes around the world are united by these principles, regardless of the political systems in which they live. The Olympic spirit flows through every corner of the globe!
And ZDF brings the Olympic and Paralympic Games straight into our living rooms, towns, cities, streets – even our DIY stores!


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Last update: 16/05/2022

ZDF olympic games

Last update: 16/05/2022

eurovision lrt The Roop

RTVE Play is RTVE's free and new "on demand" platform, with a catalogue full of national and international series, films, documentaries and unique content.

In the filming of these images, it was decided that one way of opening up to society was for the viewer to enter RTVE's news, programmes and RNE spots and interact with the presenters, radio commentators and artists by adding their suggestions, thus placing the citizen at the centre of RTVE.

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Last update: 13/05/2022