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NRK - YR Summer campaign 2020

TV campaign for Yr, NRKs weather service is the joint online weather service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( ) and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK). 

About the brand 

Yr is always close to the weather - but also close to people.  

Weather is most important when it affects us, humans. The vast majority of us don’t care about yesterday’s weather. We need to know whether we have to change to winter tires or if the kids have to wear a sweater or sunscreen. When Yr is close to people and their needs concerning weather, our communication becomes more emotional and effective.  

Our brief 

The summer of 2020 was different for all of us. The pandemic was at full effect. We all understood the serosity and uncertainty; this would affect our lives.

A summer holiday usually offers the necessary recreation. And Norwegians, with our long and cold winters, is no different. No one travels abroad more than us during the summer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to take a break from the corona epidemic, nor to travel from it.  

The 2020 holidays were destined to be very different from what we are used to.  

However, there is always a positive side to things. Norwegians were bound to stay home and explore their country, together with their family. Norwegians prepared well. We saw that cabin and RV rental and outdoors equipment sales was at a record high. There was little doubt that the Norwegian weather and temperatures, both on land and at sea, would be essential to people this summer.  

With this as a backdrop, the idea of ​​creating a Yr-promo that positively highlights summer and Norwegian holidays seemed both correct and important. Also, Yr launched a smart new feature in the service; they now also provided water temperature for all beaches, all along the Norwegian coastline.  

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Last update: 02/03/2021

DR - P1 Podcast Image Campaign

The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness and preference for P1’s podcast offer.

In the last couple of years DR P1 has significantly upped its podcast game with weekly serial and stand-alone publications. The objectives of the campaign was to increase the awareness of P1’s podcast offer as well as emphasize the distinct quality of P1’s podcasts: That a P1 podcasts is so immersive, that it is hard to put away – even if the situation calls for it.
Target audience: Podcast listeners who had yet to discover P1’s podcast offer.

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Last update: 01/03/2021

YLE - Mission Campaign

In 2020 Yle renewed its strategy. Yle’s purpose is to increase our understanding of each other and the world, and strengthen Finnish society and culture. Based on our strong values we work towards the next hundred years of public service media, and make sure the renewal of Yle is shared by all and unique for everyone. To promote our strategy and mission we launched a brand campaign showing our value to people every day. At the heart of this campaign was a brand film directed by Mika Kurvinen and guided by different Yle voices following a diverse group of people throughout their normal day. Through the film we wanted to show that we are very present in all people’s lives and cater different needs, something that only a public service media is able to do. We for example use both of the country’s two official languages (Finnish and Swedish), while also providing services to the Sami people, as well as other minorities and special groups. While communicating our common value to all Finns, we also wanted to strenghen the perception of being close and important to everyone. As we state it in our strategy and new company slogan: For all of us, for each of us. Kaikille yhteinen, jokaiselle oma. Based on the campaign analysis and recent brand surveys, we are on the right track.

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Last update: 26/02/2021



Talk about a news revolution! The new ZDFheute app was launched on 25 March 2020 – with a more inviting and clearer layout, live content, interactive offers, portrait stories and lots of other new features.

The campaign claim and headline of the new ZDFheute app is More views. More insights.

In keeping with this concept, the ZDF marketing team worked with Feedmee to develop a visual design that is perfectly reflected by the app and its features, handling and content: a mobile phone shape displaying portrait content, the ability to switch screens with a swiping gesture and, last but not least, the idea of focusing on current information and providing more in-depth explanations (i.e. giving people More views. More insights).

In order to visualise the translation of the claim and the campaign design as well as possible, we would like to submit the advert as an example for the campaign.

Further key facts about the campaign: In order to promote the launch and boost downloads, the marketing department centred its campaign around the app’s performance. From early April to late October, the push campaign was displayed in mobile iOS and Android via Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube, the Google Display Network, Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. Over 675,000 of this year’s downloads can be attributed to the marketing efforts for the ZDFheute app.

The campaign also included on-air features and social media ads. When the app was launched on 25 March 2020, trailers based on the latest news were frequently broadcast and short flights ran at certain points until the end of the campaign. The TV trailer was watched by 42.26 million people with a total of 549 million hits. Various adverts were also shown on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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Last update: 19/02/2021

ZDF ZDFheute ZDFheute-App

There is more to ARTE than ARTE. ARTE is already huge, essential, stimulating. But on digital, ARTE is... gigantic.

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Last update: 16/02/2021