To create awareness about the show “Ultra Strips Down”, where young people should learn how to accept themselves and how different bodies look like, we decided to turn the show into a digital activation.
We live in a time were social media overflows with new beauty ideals. A time were young people use social media to form self-understanding and to seek confirmation. In the meeting between young people's search and their experiences of edited beauty ideals on social media, many young people become insecure and feels sad by their own appearance.

By making the perfect filter for Instagram, DR Ultra shows them, the most beautiful version of themselves.

The filter doesn’t remove freckles, smoothens skin or makes the eyes larger. In fact, nothing is being changed. Because why change something when you are perfect as you are?

The message brought out the smile and was well received.

51.800 used the filter.

16.500 photos and videos were taken.

Some of Denmark's biggest influencers supported the message, which reached more than 800.000 - all achieved with no cost on media.

And most importantly, DR Ultra made thousands of kids experience that they are ultraperfect as they are.

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