‘There is a BBC for Each of Us’ is a brand film that uses the BBC acronym to showcase all of the content we have to offer and prove to the public that there is a BBC for everyone.

‘There is a BBC for Each of Us’ is a celebratory film that originally premiered on BBC One on New Year’s Eve. The film set out to be a joyful celebration of the diversity, talent, creativity, breadth and value of the BBC and showcases our ability to affect culture and unite a nation. Creatively we used the BBC acronym as a fun and clever mechanism to talk about a wide range of our content, reaching every touch point of the BBC. Our title designs for the ‘BBC’s’ were heavily inspired by film title references both modern and old school. Titles like ‘Blimmin Bent Coppers’ played homage to movies like ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Bad Boys for Life’ while other titles like ‘Bad Boy Charm’ referenced ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Brutal Battling Competitors’ referencing ‘Suicide Squad’. Ultimately we wanted to create an entertaining film that evoked a sense of warmth and love for the BBC and remind people of the value in what we do as a broadcaster.

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