Signe Molde, hostess known for her sharp wit, is back in a new format exposing unfairness using humor.

The aim of the campaign was to establish that Signe Molde is back. Signe has for years, as the hostess on a known quiz-format, used her sharp wit to expose the men and women in power. However, she has done so in an echo chamber of agreeing fans. Now she is getting down and dirty with the problems as she sees them in “real life” outside the studio.


Our job was to create awareness about the new format, where Signe uses herself and her own opinions to expose contradictions and sometimes unfairness in society. In the campaign video she asks her boss (epitomizing a nervous male middle manager from the media industry post the #metoo movement) as he tries to get her to subside – by asking him to go down on her.

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