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For this Winter of Mysteries, Sylvia Tournerie has created for ARTE a presentation that introduces a distortion of reality. As the shots are cut into vertical strips and mixed, our interpretation is disturbed, creating a certain mystery in the very structure of the image.
This mystery is reinforced by the use of a typography where one has to wait for all the elements to be in place to be able to understand them.

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Last update: 17/05/2022

RTP RTP2 Idents - Expansion of the Artistic Imagination

RTP2 Idents - Expansion of the Artistic Imagination. 

This is a project in which RTP (now on RTP 2), has been developing and investing in a space (curatorship) dedicated to the dissemination of Portuguese Contemporary Art, promoting and proximity to Portuguese plastic artists and musical authors. 

In these small (exclusive) audio-visual pieces of television, they underline the importance of RTP in introducing an artistic discourse in the programming of its second television channel, as a stimulus to experimentation in the field of television arts. 

When programming this project, RTP and RTP 2, this time invited the artist - Pedro Cabrita Reis, one of today's most famous Portuguese artists. Pedro was born in 1956 in Lisbon (where he lives and works). His work has been shown in well established international shows, such as the 9th Kassel Documenta and the 24th São Paulo Bienale. In 2003, he represented Portugal at the Venice Biennale. 

Based on the identity of RTP2, described as culture and adult, based on the number 2 (typographic element of the RTP 2 logo), the artist reinterprets the paintings on glass by the painter Pablo Picasso, expanding them into other imaginary narratives, which reflect the artistic and contemporary of Pedro Cabrita Reis. 

Atelier Pedro Cabrita Reis 

Artist: Pedro Cabrita Reis 

Pedro Cabrita Reis Studio Assistants:

Alexandre Cadet

Carolina Matias

Keenan Almeida

Mariana Soller

Tânia Simões



RTP2 Director: Teresa Paixão

Marketing and Communication: Marina Ramos / Susana Matias

Image Curation: Nicolau Tudela

Project coordination: Mariana Guerra

Director/Editing/Camera: Sofia Sousa

Photography Direction: Inês Sanches

Lighting Assistant: André Costa

Chief Electrician: Bruno Bernardino

Production: Luís Limão

Graphics: João Aguiar

Sound Designer: César Martins

RTP2 IDENTS Making Of - Pedro Cabrita Reis

Making Of: Nelson Castro 

Camara: Flávio Assunção

Music: “Insónia”, - Tiago Sousa

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Last update: 13/05/2022


Every product, including logos, needs to adapt to new times and conditions. In this category over the years there are improvements and changes reflecting not only current trends in design, but also the development of technology. A modern typeface, balanced shapes, and modernized colors bring unique character and life to our logo. This is our new TVP ABC.

The brand direction of the new TVP ABC is a spectacular proposal to show that we are together with our kids in every moment. In the moment of dreaming, learning about the world, in the moment of learning and the strongest emotions. We identified our CGI-animals with a child and thanks to that we have an open dialogue with our little viewer, we think, behave and dream together. We create and develop our ABC TV universe together!

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Last update: 13/05/2022

Children Branding logo tvp visual Kids Channel
LRT Christmas idents

LRT counted down the days until christmas 2021 with special TV idents and the slogan "Something to look forward to. Christmas with LRT". Each ident is a unique 3x3 meters installation created by Lithuanian artist Jolita Vaitkutė using children's toys, festive treats balls of woolen yarn, and other elements related to winter and holidays, conveying coziness, caring for each other, and gathering together. 

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Last update: 12/05/2022

christmas holidays Countingdown
ARD/Das Erste - “Open Egg!”

“Open Egg!”

First we see a small crack, then the eggshell breaks open and a cherry tree grows out of the egg, its blossoms swirling all around in the air. Again there is a small crack and this time apple blossoms grow out of the egg. The upper part floats meditatively towards the sky and reveals an Easter surprise in the egg - a bird's nest with more little eggs and two birds flying into the picture, chirping in love. Another eggshell breaks open and a bouquet of daffodils and grape hyacinths, swarmed by butterflies, appears.

The Easter and Spring Idents campaign 2021 for Das Erste is showing us the awakening of nature. The aim was to sketch different sceneries with humor, ease, liveliness and beauty after the first long and cold Covid winter.

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Last update: 03/05/2022

ARD Spring campaign DAS ERSTE easter idents Luxlotusliner Ostern Frühling Seasonals
FTV - France 3 - Season's Greetings

A band of animated silkie enjoying wintertime. Their presence create a quirky original short form content that brings a smile to viewers 

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Last update: 29/04/2022