Best cross platform promotion or campaign that has had a significant positive impact on young audiences or on other audiences that the relevant broadcaster does not normally reach.
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This Is Our BBC is a way of reminding the audience that they are at the heart of everything that the BBC does.  That the BBC is a reflection of the nations.  That it’s there to represent communities, bring people together for unique moments and provide a space where we all belong.

This is Our BBC is a way of displaying the breadth of ways in which we strive to reach everyone, from local radio to big, globally recognised drama, from GCSE revision covering every subject to nightly bedtime stories. There’s breaking news, global, national and regional. There’s big sporting moments, live, international events, more new music than on all commercial radio stations put together, there’s welsh language programming, Scottish programming, regionally commissioned drama, the Asian Network, the world service.  


Everyone has their own version of the BBC. It’s unique to each of us but shared by all of us. 

The BBC truly belongs to each of us, and each of us should feel we belong at the BBC. And that’s why we’ve made this film. Because we all need to believe its mission is worthwhile  if it’s going to continue to do what it’s done for a century.

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Last update: 24/05/2022

ERR - Klassikaraadio web radio

The focus is on unexpected locations and audiences where to listen to classical music

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Last update: 20/05/2022

ERR Klassikaraadio
NRK - Norwegian Parliament elections

At the 2021 elections in Norway, we wanted to reach first- and second-time voters. Through research we knew that these young people often felt their opinions were hard to express and that their voices were worthless.


The campaign aimed to boost confidence in their ability to make a difference and to have a say in the future of Norway. The campaign slogan "Bruk stemmen" has a double meaning - it translates both to "use your voice" and "vote", and was used across platforms.


The TV-spot showcases the large variety of voices among us, and shows how we as individuals are important in the big picture.


Social media clips aimed to simplify important topics and show the differences between parties with humor, presented through to-the-point storytelling by the most popular journalist in Norway.

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Last update: 18/05/2022

NRK Politics elections
SWR/BR - #ichbinsophiescholl /# iamsophiescholl

Sophie Scholl was an iconic German resistance fighter against the Nazi regime.

The project “I am Sophie Scholl” from German public broadcasters SWR and BR

lifts the young student from history books to the present.

A fictional Instagram account allows us to take part in the last 10 months of her live.

This innovative format aims to bring history to younger audiences.


The promotion campaign launched May, the 9th. 2021, the day of Sophie Scholl´s 100th birthday.


The idea/ aim of the campaign was to make Sophie more tangible through picture

and video ads in feed and story form.


The paid campaign, lasting one month generated 10 million impressions, 4.85 million

video replays and more than 450 000 clicks on the ads for the Instagram channel.

More than half of the users are between 16 and 24 years of age.


This social media approach exceeded our expectations by far. Already in May the channel

reached over 900 000 followers of which 70% were under 34 years old.


The successful social media campaign has brought high visibility to SWR and BR and

offers them means to deliver historical contents to younger audience groups.

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Last update: 16/05/2022

#Sophie Scholl #Weiße Rose #SWR
RTÉ Player

RTÉ Player was losing an important audience to Netflix as it was the number one destination for 18–44-year-olds to watch content. This audience was not considering RTÉ Player when they wanted to watch content. The main reasons for this were that 18–44-year-olds were not aware of RTÉ Player, or they believed it was just a catch-up service. We needed to show this audience that we were so much more than a catch-up service. We had a vast library of original Irish content and great international content as well.

Our concept of Knockout Entertainment was devised to pitch the Irish content against the International content to show the audience the breadth of content available for them to stream on RTÉ Player. It was designed to be a fun, irreverent approach that would encourage 18–44-year-olds to get involved in the ‘Battles’ and vote for who they felt was the ‘Most Annoying Housemate’, the ‘Toughest Boss’ or the ‘Best Gossip’ through Instagram polls, TV, Radio and Social trailers, MPUs, Home page takeovers and marketing emails.

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Last update: 15/05/2022

SVT - The Great Moose Migration

Every spring, for thousands of years, the Swedish moose migrates across the same tracks in the forest to get greener pastures and more fertile land. One of their toughest challenges on their journey is to cross the Ångermanälven river.

In order to capture this event, when hundreds of moose cross the mighty river, SVT placed a total of 32 remotely controlled cameras in the area, to offer the audience a unique access to this spectacular nature event. 

The show was first aired in 2019 and immediately found a place in the audience’s hearts. For the third season in 2021 we wanted to engage a younger audience. To make them aware of the show we posted DOOH ads in all major Swedish cities. Several clips were published on social media during april and may, gathering close to 5 million impressions. We added a ”Moose Alert” feature in our app which gave notifications every time a moose entered the area. In addition to the livestream at SVT Play, we broadcasted the show live on Twitch reaching 4,5 million unique viewers with 14,6 million views in total around the world. Men aged 16-25 seemed to enjoy the respite from hardcore gaming.

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Last update: 12/05/2022