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Made with all the contestants and the 3 programme hosts of tsongvakeppnin, the Icelandic pre-contest for Eurovision. Shot in the style of a mini-dramadie, introducing the contestants to stardom.

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Last update: 01/04/2020

Pisnicht: The Movie

Sissy. Gay. Faggot. Pisnicht. Documentary maker Nicolaas Veul has been called these names for his entire life. Sometimes jokingly, sometimes as swear words. Often as something in between. What counts as normal language to some, can be an insult or a form of homophobia to others.

During an ongoing discussion about the boundaries of free expression in The Netherlands, Nicolaas used Pisnicht: The Movie and its (social media) campaign to research the impact of offensive words on (young) homosexuals.

The trigger for making this documentary was a discussion caused by well-known Dutch comedian Youp van ‘t Hek, who used the word pisnicht in his show and newspaper column. Additionally, gay jokes featured in popular television shows. The major criticism on those starting a discussion was that “minorities shouldn’t whine.” Calling someone ‘gay’ or making a gay joke is very common, and it seems to have become a reasonably normal thing to do.

Our aim was to demand attention for the impact and power that jokes and words like pisnicht can have on homosexuals. Using the documentary and the campaign related to it, we have brought up the issue on a wide variety of platforms. We are proud of that.


There is a great overlap between the documentary and the campaign. In all its expressions, we make explicit that gay jokes often address ‘those funny gays’ with their hand gestures, dance moves, etcetera. Actually, they confirm the stereotypical image of a man that is feminine and ‘less worthy’. Nicolaas Veul, who himself is homosexual, wanted to criticise this stereotype by using humour, without resorting to ‘whining’.

In a video, developed especially for the campaign, Nicolaas features in the popular game show De Slimste Mens (The Smartest Human). In it, he turns the tables: he, as a homosexual, is now the person calling out the names that people have used on him. Carelessly, just like comedians such as Youp van ‘t Hek. Nicolaas thereby holds up a painful mirror.

The video went viral and was shared by many media, among them Dumpert, De Telegraaf and Shownieuws, by which we managed to reach a wider audience than just VPRO-followers. What we considered to be normal, suddenly appears to be painful and absurd. The hierarchy of humour was momentarily turned on its head.

In the spinoff of the campaign, Nicolaas was extensively interviewed and featured in (online) articles about the topic. He posted the best responses to his Instagram stories. One of the responses was written by a father who watched Pisnicht: The Movie with his 14-year-old son, who then decided to come out. The platform The best social media wrote a wonderful article on this case (in Dutch): ]

Up until today, we continue to receive moving responses to #pisnicht. From all over the country, we get screening requests for schools and community centres. The film clearly affects many people’s lives.



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Last update: 11/03/2020

Documentary GENDER VPRO Pisnicht Gay Sissy Faggot Nicolaas Veul
RAI - Everyone is the news

This video aims to promote RAI broadcast dedicated to public information. From news till talk shows, the leitmotif is telling national and iternational current affairs. 

The video aims to highlight  company's commitment same as the one of all professional figures ,throught the dedicated hours of transmissions, in order to raise awareness in  each of us. To do so, images of local and international news are shown, related to the faces of RAI journalists.

Perhaps the video is an excessive moral slap, using the effectiveness of the song to slam reality in the face even if uncomfortable.

The soundtrack  is a song of one of the most influential artists on the national scene, Fiorella Mannoia. It talks about our society and human dignity, the respect we should have for each other and above all the courage to take on the responsibility for our own choices and the humility to recognize our  mistakes knowing that we can try to make a change.

A poignant video, a bitter truth, a social manifesto, which wants to make us linger in today's society where the core values such as respect, humanity, solidarity, education have almost disappeared leaving the spotlight to individualism, appearance and indifference. Is therefore  necessary to remember that each of us can do something to change the world for the better, such as the company's commitment to communicate and be present to ensure that everyone is informed ans aware about what is happening in the world aroud them.

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Last update: 11/03/2020

LRT - The Experiment. The Day of Press Restoration

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day, and May 7 in Lithuania is celebrated as the Day of Press Restoration, Language and Book. In the context of constant government pressure, attempts to curtail journalists' rights, LRT independence, we as a public broadcaster, had a goal to remind public what freedom of speech means and what it feels like when it is absent. So LRT decided to commemorate those both days unexpectedly - by organizing a social experiment.

A goal was to emphasize that freedom of speech is not a gift, but a tremendous value worth being fought for. This is one of the foundations of democracy, which guarantees everyone the opportunity to express their views.

The target audience were all people living in Lithuania. But especially, the younger generation, who has not faced restrictions on freedom of speech and expression and for whom it seems to be a natural right.

The LRT experiment involved 19 volunteers of all ages, with the youngest being fourteen and the oldest seventy-seven. The participants did not know what the initial idea of ​​the experiment was. They were asked to tell what they were interested in, as well what their views on various issues were. After answering the questions, they were asked to change their minds and say they thought otherwise. The participants' natural reactions, from shy confusion to categorical resistance, were captured on video.

The experiment was highly welcomed by the volunteers themselves and the audience.

Clips of the experiment on TV channels had over $ 3.6 million contacts, and over 86,000 thousand views on social networks.


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Last update: 10/03/2020

YLE - Instant Summer



This commercial was developed mainly for a Social Media use. We wanted to take a risk and create a little longer and story based film with strong emotions. The task wasn’t easy cause audiences tend to reject longer formats generally in Social Media, but we decided to thrust in the strong story and run the risk.


Goal: To promote Yle Areena Streaming service.

Brief: “For a proper summer, go to Yle Areena”

Target Group: Young Adults.

Results: The campaign was a great success. It was the most effective Yle’s Social Media Commercial by far and it managed to create a huge and positive phenomenon in the target group.

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Last update: 05/03/2020

social media Tero Wolff Instant summer Commercial image film Yle Areena