CAT N°10 - Any social media communications package to promote a TV or radio channel, programme, event or season on social media.
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BBC - Alan Partridge Email

Clearing the Air is promoting the show in the most Partridge way possible: getting British TV’s most egocentric personality to announce his return with an all-staffer email to the 20,000 BBC employees.

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Last update: 19/03/2020

Last update: 11/03/2020


This social media campaign was created by Ketnet Junior, the children’s channel of VRT, for the toddler programme ‘Tik Tak’. We wanted to stimulate awareness around the new season so that parents and grandparents would watch the programme with their (grand)children.

In 1981 the first episode of Tik Tak was broadcasted. A whole generation grew up with the programme in the 80s and 90s. It was one of Belgians biggest television export products and was bought by international stations from the USA to Saudi Arabia. 38 years later, a new season was made.

What the new season would look like was kept quiet as much as possible. Would we stay close to the original format or would the content of the programme be changed? We used this perspective to create the announcement campaign. To create extra commotion and attention we asked 3 Belgian film directors what they think the new Tik Tak should look like.

We translated their vision into 3 different Tik Tak promos. The 3 promos were created in the style of each director and was launched via their own digital platforms.

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Last update: 11/03/2020


This social media campaign was created by Ketnet, the children’s channel of VRT , to announce the ‘The Great Karrewiet Election Show’, an election show for children. We wanted to raise awareness among parents so that they would watch the show with their children.

Even though children are not allowed to vote yet, they are also concerned about the future of our country and the world and also have questions about climate change, refugees and road safety.

The show shows the Flemish Party leaders as we have never seen them before; they had to dance, sing, but most importantly they had to be open and frank and answer the questions of the children in a clear and unfiltered way.

To announce the show we decided to create online posts and videos that showed all 6 party leaders with a social media filter. Who wanted to see the politicians “unfiltered” had to watch the ‘Great Karrewiet Election show’.

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Last update: 11/03/2020


What if Instagram had been around in 1989? We started with this question - 30 years after the end of the German-German division, in 2019. We wanted to try an experiment that was unique on the German market: make history come alive on Instagram; for people who only know the fall of the wall from history books.Instead of news, the Tagesschau-Stories featured the diary of 17-year-old girl Nora Sommerfeld for three weeks, who vlogs from her everyday life in Rostock, GDR. She talks about love, punk and fear of the future - about a world around her that is undergoing radical change.

 On Snapchat, the Tagesschau offered the fall of the Berlin Wall as a visual augmented reality experience in Berlin. For the first time on German markets, Tagesschau used the Landmarker Lens technology. For Snapchat users who photographed or filmed the Brandenburg Gate with the "Throwback89"-lens in the beginning of November 2019 they could see its transformation: It was built with pieces of wall and barbed wire. Users were able to tear down the wall with their fingertips on the smartphone - and could then gain an impression of the festive atmosphere in the days around November 9, 1989 at Pariser Platz.

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Last update: 10/03/2020